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Call of the Herald book cover

Call of the Herald

Book one in the The Dawning of Power book series. Catrin Volker dreams of a peaceful life training horses. It's not to be. Comets appear in the night skies, announcing the return of a goddess. While trying to save her friend from bullies, Catrin unknowingly triggers powerful, ancient, magic and fulfills a prophecy that says she will destroy entire nations.

Inherited Danger book cover

Inherited Danger

Book two in The Dawning of Power Series. Catrin leaves her homeland behind as she goes in search of knowledge and peace, unaware that she will face the greatest evil her world has ever known.

Dragon Ore book cover

Dragon Ore

Clinging to life, Catrin Volker struggles to regain her strength as her foes go in search of even greater power. Ancient enemies threaten and forgotten alliances emerge in the exciting conclusion of The Dawning of Power trilogy.

Regent book cover. The Balance of Power Series book 1


In the years since the end of The Herald War, the world has become complacent despite Catrin Volker's warnings. When the darkness of her visions comes to pass, no one is prepared, and the fate of humanity will rest in her hands.

Feral book cover. The Balance of Power Series book 2


Reeling from the loss of the regent dragons and her son, Catrin Volker can take no more. Armed with power never before seen on Godsland, she goes in search of her son and her enemies. May the gods have mercy on those who stand in her way.

Regal book cover. The Balance of Power Series book 3


Going in search of solace and something to give his life meaning, Sinjin Volker finds wonders he would never have imagined and dangers from his deepest fears. Armed with only artifacts he's powerless to use, Sinjin must change the world by first changing himself.

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#1 International bestselling fantasy author Brian Rathbone has a different path to writing than most. After growing up training standard bred racehorses, he went to work at a nuclear plant. He then spent time building IT networks on Wall Street. Then wanting a slower pace of life, he and his wife moved to North Carolina. He has spent time building new technology to help to build the Internet. Now when he isn't writing, Brian spends time on Twitter telling too many bad dragon jokes. He also spends a lot of time thinking about unicorns and dragons.

Brian is a leader in the Indie author publishing space and has wide distribution of his books, e-books, and audio books. He has sales in many countries and even has teachers using his books to help to teach their classes. Brian has over 1 million downloads of his books world-wide.









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